Getting ready to roll

An encouraging start
May 19, 2017

Well the new website is up and running. I must say a big thank you to Linda Wright for all her help and advice and stunning photos. So glad she took it all on for me, i`m just no good with all that computer tech stuff, have only just got to grips with FB.
It seems like ages ago that I left ICBP when in reality it has only been a couple of months. It was a massive step for me and starting a new business has been scary, at times exhausting but exciting all the same . The level of interest in my equipment has very much taken me by surprise. The orders have flooded in and everything seems to be moving in the right direction. As long as I can remain solvent and pay the bills I will be happy. To be honest it has been pretty amazing I just did not expect so many people to actually like and want to buy the equipment that I make. The level of support, help and encouragement from friends, family and so many people within the Falconry and birds of prey community has been very overwhelming.
Thank you to you all

A special mention must go to James Taylor of 3D Nutshell Graphics who helped me with the logo design. James is very professional and a lovely person to deal with.
Also Harriet Booker a wonderful artist who came up with the original foxes head logo from which the final Silver Fox Falconry logo idea was developed.
And to Simon Poyner who has been a great asset and friend especially so in helping me with all my birds when I moved house recently.

Presently I have just managed to keep up with orders and hand deliver a bespoke eagle block that I recently finished incorporating 4 different hardwoods in a new design. The new multi weighted lure sticks have become very popular. The beauty of these is that they are all different, no two will ever be the same. There are a number of new block designs being developed incorporating different woods in various patterns, will see how they develop and hopefully they will be available soon.

The bow perches are flying out the door, I just cannot make them quickly enough at the moment. The only worry on these as they are solid stainless steel is that the price of steel is escalating at a fairly fast rate on a monthly basis so they are likely to increase in price over the course of this year.

My focus this month hopefully will be to build up some stock for the forthcoming Falconers Fair at the end of the month. This will be my first trade stand at a show so it's going to be fun and a steep learning curve no doubt , but it will be a great opportunity to meet people. I`m very much looking forward to it. If you get the chance to attend please come over and say hello.

Keep living the dream….Mark