January 4, 2017
Bow perches
January 4, 2016

Block perches

These are hand turned blocks made from hardwood either as a single or in a variety of mixed wood types, colours and patterns.

Description Each block has a cork tops combined with a solid stainless steel central spine, spike and tethering ring. Bespoke designs can be made using different materials if required.
Sizes Small : 90mm diameter top suitable for kestrel/merlin
Medium : 120mm diameter top suitable for lanner/ male pergrine
Large : 140mm diameter top suitable for saker/ female peregrine
Extra large - 180mm diameter, suitable for large falcons/gyrs
Eagle sized blocks - bespoke designs available on request
Design Although he normally makes the traditional styled perches,Mark has also developed his own modern tapered glass design. Bespoke and extra large perches are also made to order
Dual Purpose Block Perches These have interchangeable spike and a solid heavy steel flat base. Designs, shapes ,sizes are exactly the same as with a normal spiked block with the exception that the spike can be removed and a heavy steel plate attached in its place so that it can be used indoors etc if required.
Prices Most of our blocks are handmade to order. The bespoke designs are often unique so the prices may vary, depending on your requirements. As a guide, block perch prices start at £110. Please contact us to discuss your order