Leashes and Swivels
January 5, 2017

Aylmeri Anklets and Jesses

All of this equipment is hand made from finest kangaroo, stallion or bullhide leather.

True Aylmeri Traditional TRUE Aylmeri anklets are available and will be made to order. Eyelets are supplied with anklets but not the fixing tool/pliers.
False Aylmeri Traditional FALSE Aylmeri which are a much more practical anklet. These are considered by Mark to be a much better system than other anklets. They are easy to remove, adjust and to put onto your bird. There is no need for cable ties or additional eyelets, so they are not as bulky as other anklet designs. These are hand made to order, and fitting instructions are also supplied
Jesses Mews Jesses and flying Jesses also available, made to order in standard sizes or to specific lengths, thickness as required.
Prices Anklet prices start at £10. Mews jesses start at £10, while flying jesses start at £5. Please contact us to discuss your order

This system was developed by Guy Aylmeri in the early 1900s. The benefit is that the anklet piece is separated from the jess


A jess (plural "jesses") is a thin strap, traditionally made from leather, used to tether a hawk or falcon in falconry. Jesses allow a falconer to keep control of a bird while it is on the glove or in training, and allow a bird to be secured on a perch outside its aviary.