January 4, 2017
Special sticks
January 4, 2017

Hardwood lure sticks

These are one of the most popular items we make. All are hand-turned hardwoods, using either a single wood type or a mixed variety of wood, colours and patterns.

Description Weighted lure sticks are made using a central brass bar ( either 10mm or 12mm) in one or two parts that are fixed into the central stem of the lure stick. Though standard sizes are available, weights, diameters and length of your lure stick can be made to suit an individual's hand size and weight requirements.
Materials All our sticks are made of carefully selected hardwoods, either as a single wood species, or in a mixed variety of wood, colours and patterns. The sticks will be weighted to your requirements
The lure line The line is made of braided cotton which can be supplied in 4mm or 5mm thickness. Those lures supplied with line ( normally 4m) will have a swivel hand stitched onto the end, which helps reduce the chances of the line becoming twisted and tangled. Replacement lure lines can also be ordered. PLEASE NOTE that braided cotton line is especially selected because with good technical lure swinging it will not burn the hands. It will make the art and practice of lure swinging more fluid and effective (obviously this will depend on experience, ability and competence) Depending on frequency of use, the line must be checked as, over time, the cotton will degrade and become susceptible to breakage. It is the responsibility of the user to check the line frequently and consistently
Prices Most of our lure sticks are handmade to order. The bespoke designs are likely to be unique so the prices may vary, depending on your requirements. As a guide, lure stick prices start at £15. Please contact us to discuss your order